Our Services

Chiropractic. Focused on Subluxation Correction and improving spinal function.  In office Radiology Department.  Five private treatment rooms.

Naturopathy. Specializing in Laser Homeopathy,  Laser allergy relief,   and Laser smoking cessation.  Stop smoking after one laser treatment.  For more information about our laser program, call the office or submit questions on the contact us page.  We will answer all questions ASAP.

COX Flexion Distraction. Treatment for Herniated Disc’s in the low back and low back pain.  Sciatica and radiating leg pain.

BOWEN Technique. Australian Vibrational Therapy.  Certified by the Australian BOWEN Therapy Academy since 1995.   Click on this link to learn more about the BOWEN technique.

Ultrasound and Muscle stimulation. To help with sports injuries as well as  muscle and soft tissue injuries.  Muscle sprain, strain and spasm.

Ionic Detoxification. Removes toxins and poisons from the body through your feet.  You can actually see which organs are toxic from the color of the water after the treatment.

JAVITA COFFEE. Burn and Control with this great Weight Loss Coffee! Get it here.

Insurances accepted:
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
United Healthcare
Workers Compensation
Motor Vehicle Accidents

Methods of Payment:
Visa, Discover, MasterCard, Cash, Checks and Care Credit.


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