Stop Smoking with Laser

Many people have been asking how the laser smoking cessation program works.  Let me take a minute to explain.  We started doing this procedure eight years ago.   After having done the BAX 3000 treatments for five years and seeing how effective it was,  I felt the smoking cessation program was the next direction to move in with the laser technology.  At this point in time we have treated more than three hundred people with the allergy elimination program and over two hundred people for smoking cessation.  It appears to be very effective  with a better outcome than the Chantix and the Nicotine Patch.  There are no side effects.  Our receptionist Dawn was a heavy smoker.  Dawn had tried many ways to stop smoking including hypnosis, which was not effective.   She was the first person that went through this program and she has not had a cigarette in eight years.   It works great if you are ready to stop smoking.  Let me explain the procedure.

The first visit is a laser acupuncture or laser-puncture treatment called system balance.  This helps to make sure that the energy in your body is moving in the proper direction without blockages.  After that we wait five minutes and perform the first stop smoking procedure.  It does not hurt and there are no needles involved.  It is all done with a laser that is connected to a computer.  The laser is used over acupuncture points and meridians on the back, arms, hands and feet.  There is a Chinese herb and a homeopathic spray that is taken as well.  We show everyone how to use these supplements on the first visit.  It is easy and safe.  On this first visit we use the laser to balance the nicotine receptors in your body.    I explain all about this when you come to the office the first time.

On the second visit, we perform a laser procedure to help re-balance neurotransmitters.  These are the feel good chemicals in your body that keep you wanting to smoke.  By the way, this treatment is also effective for chewing tobacco as well as cigar and pipe tobacco.

On the third and last visit we use the laser to help with the toxic substances  they put in cigarettes which can damage your body.  This whole procedure is painless and very effective.  The cost of the program at this time is $300 dollars.  This includes the three laser treatments, the Herbal formula and the Homeopathic formula.    If you are a one pack per day smoker, this program will pay for itself in four weeks.   I hope this gives you some useful information about the stop smoking with laser program.  If you have any additional questions please feel free to call me and I will be happy to speak with you.   Dawn can also answer any of your questions.   This whole concept is based on a science called Vibrational Medicine.  If you Google Vibrational Medicine or Richard Gerber M.D. it will give you a better idea of how this new technology works.

If you are ready to stop smoking and regain control of your life, call and make an appointment today.  570 992 4140.


Disclaimer:  This is not medical treatment and this is not chiropractic treatment.  This is an alternative approach to achieving better health.  This service is not covered by insurance.